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Photo by Carrie Law

Elephant Rock Productions


Our company’s namesake, Elephant Rock, lies fifty yards offshore in Buzzard’s Bay on Massachusetts’ southern coast. The founders of Elephant Rock Productions have walked the beach near the formidable rock for over sixty years, so when they incorporated back in 1995, the steadfast rock seemed a familiar and solid choice to start a business.  

When we began making videos back in the Clinton years, we shot on Beta Cam videotape and edited on one-inch tape machines. The tape swirled between large, metal, reel-to-reel spools. The day we completed our first education video, to be distributed on VHS tape, we snuck a bottle of champagne into the edit room at Indiana Univeristy to celebrate. Today, the digital revolution has transformed the technical side of our business, but we’re just as deliberate in selecting and completing projects as we were fifteen years ago. During that time we’ve sipped a lot of champagne after completing fifteen educational training videos, two creative writing videos, producing a public radio program, shooting commercials and industrials, writing games, and publishing books.  

Our interest in creative writing motivated our 2005 production of two innovative DVDs and digital anthologies. We continue to serve writers via our comprehensive resource list on this web site where you will find editor videos, information on markets, industry and craft, and opportunities. 

Our long-running collaboration with The Forum on Education at Indiana University continues to produce training videos for K-12 administrators and teachers. Today we produce, manage, and process orders for all Forum multimedia.  

In the years to come, we’ll weather the tide, be it high or low, like our namesake nestled in the cold Atlantic. We can only hope to be as sturdy, because we’ll never be as majestic as the original Elephant Rock.  

Elephant Rock Photo by Carrie Law

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