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Editor How-To Videos

Publishers shed light on their industry in the following videos. Hear similar insights on ERP's hightly praised writing videos.

Hugh Behm-Steinberg
4min 09sec
Eleven Eleven editor Hugh Behm-Steinberg chats about what he wants, what he doesn't, the slow economy, and publishing writers from outside North America.

Dave Clapper
3min 24sec
Dave Clapper, editor of the Smokelong Quarterly, discusses the flash fiction form, his magazine and the online marketplace.

Barry Graham
2min 41sec
Editor Barry Graham of dogzplot discusses his magazine's needs, wants and offers networking tips to emerging writers.

Michael Neff
3min 57sec
Michael Neff, who founded Webdelsol in 1994, has seen the evolution of the online literary scene. He discusses this evolution, online magazines and the marketing of his new book.

John Wang
3min 39sec
Juked editor John Wang discusses the current state of the short story market and his editorial pet peeves.

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