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The Unofficial All-Genre Multimedia Guide
to Submitting Short Prose

You’ve revised, received feedback, and revised some more. Now how do you get published? This 2-disc DVD set guides you through each step of the submission process.

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Gain knowledge of prose markets—from glossies to zines. Dissect magazines to discover their editorial sensibility. Listen in as top editors confide their turn-ons and turn-offs. Master the art of cover letters. Hear “survival” tips on managing rejection. Learn about literary agents. And read published stories. An encyclopedia of market listings is not enough. This DVD set gives you insiders’ perspectives on the world of publishing and increases your odds of publication.

Featured editors

C. Michael Curtis, The Atlantic Monthly; Gina Frangello, Other Voices; Janet Hutchings, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine; Marianne Carus, Cricket Magazine; Michael Neff, Web Del Sol; Linda Lee Landrigan, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine; Joe Mackall, River Teeth; Leelila Strogov, Swink; Kadija Sesay, Sable; Marie Hayes, Story Quarterly; Dinty Moore, Brevity; Marion Wrenn, Painted Bride Quarterly; and Todd Dills, THE2NDHAND. Also bookstore manager Liz Mason, Quimby’s Bookstore; Todd James Pierce,; plus writers John McNally and Joe Meno.


Praise for Submit! The Unofficial All-Genre Multimedia Guide to Submitting Short Prose

Submit is a much-needed, comprehensive, and thoroughly enjoyable guide to the submission process that will help writers from beginning to advanced levels find an audience for their work. Ranging from suggestions about nuts-and-bolts matters to overall approach, and featuring advice from the people who should know best—established, successful writers, editors, and publishers—this multimedia presentation is indispensable for writers and teachers of writing.”—Randall Albers, Chair, Fiction Writing Department, Columbia College Chicago
"Submit reveals a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at the world of publishing. Honest, thorough, and informative, it is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to navigate the submission process."—Keith Scribner, Author of The Goodlife and Miracle Girl. Writing professor at Oregon State University.

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