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These days authors aren’t just writers, they’re brands. And like any brand they have their own web site. Here are a few we read, admire, want to have over for lunch. You’ll find is also a sprinkling of folks from the literary community who are shaping the future of literature.

Rosellen Brown
Rosellen is the embodiment of consistency in output, publishing ten books over her career while teaching at the Art Institute of Chicago and Art Workshop International in Assisi, Italy. We’ve got a profile of this Pushcart and Guggenheim Fellowship winner.

Janet Burroway
Writer of many forms, Janet is well known in the literary community. She is also the host of a terrific DVD on the revision process called, So, Is It Done? You can read her prose online at or visit

Robert Olen Butler
A Pulitzer Prize winner and all-around literary heavyweight, Robert Olen Butler has written everything from Wish You Were Here, a short story collection based on found photographs, to Severance, 240-word stories based on the ideas that people speak an average of 160 words per minute and the decapitated head stays conscious for 90 seconds. Do the math, then read our profile at

Ron Carlson
Take a gander at this NEA Fellowship and Pushcart award winner’s profile, including a video clip from our DVD So, Is It Done?

Gina Frangello
When she’s not wrangling her twins, Gina teaches at Columbia College Chicago and Northwestern University. Oh, and she’s the author of two books, My Sister’s Continent and Slut Lullabies, and runs the publishing house Other Voices Books and edits the fiction section at

Stephanie Kuehnert
A tough-as-nails YA author, Stephanie’s published two books (so far), both through MTV Books: I Want to Be Your Joey Ramone and Ballads of Suburbia. And she cranks out writerly blog posts on three major sites—be sure to check out the links to those.
Marcela Landres
A former book editor-cum-editorial consultant, Marcella publishes a newsletter chock-full of advice on the business side of writing. We’ve cobbled together a profile on her.

Billy Lombardo
Billy has five full-length books to his credit, including the superb collection How to Hold a Woman. He also helps train the next generation of big-name writers as co-founder of Polyphony H.S., a literary magazine filled with amazing stories from high school students.
John McNally
Besides being a master of the short- and long-form narrative, John’s also just a great guy. See our profile of him, including a great video where he discusses discovering voice.

Joe Meno
Now this is a writer who’s kicking tail and taking names. His collection Demons in the Spring was a finalist for the Story Prize, The Boy Detective Fails hit best-of lists in Kirkus, Booklist, and the Chicago Tribune, and his latest, The Great Perhaps, is a New York Times Review of Books Editor’s Choice. Not to mention the fact that he’s one of the kindest people we know and a great teacher in the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago.

Richard Nash
Ran Soft Skull Press, now an imprint of Counterpoint, from 2001 to 2007 and ran the imprint on behalf of Counterpoint until early 2009. He’s now a consulting on “developing a start-up called Cursor, a portfolio of niche social publishing communities, one of which will be called Red Lemonade. The consulting is largely of the strategic variety, helping authors or publishers supercharge the publishing of a given title, or group of titles.” ERP created a profile of Richard shortly after his visit to Columbia College in 2007.
John O’Neill
This John O’Neill is not the anti-terrorism expert you can read about on Wikipedia, nor is he the spokesman for the Swift Boat group that went after Sen. John Kerry in 2004. What he is is this: the creator of, a Hugo-nominated speculative fiction forum, and founder and editor of Black Gate

Donna Seaman
With her gigs as an associate editor at Booklist and radio host of a show dedicated to literature and writing, and a finalist for the Nona Balakian Citation for Excellency in Reviewing Award, Donna is one of literature’s best friends.

Sam Weller
The world’s foremost expert on literary giant Ray Bradbury, Sam has writing chops and publishing credits all writers ought to envy.

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