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One of our passions is assisting writers on the art and commerce of writing. First, by assisting them in the revision of their work. That’s the art. Then the commerce, by demystifying the process by which editors choose stories and titles, we can make it less daunting for writers to get their work on the printed (or, increasingly, electronic) page.

With that goal in mind, Producer Jotham Burrello founded the Publishing Lab at the Fiction Writing Department of Columbia College Chicago in 2001, which went online in 2008. It’s quickly become the go-to resource for emerging writers looking to distill the thick Writer’s Market tomes into a more easily accessible format. Visit the Publishing Lab’s site for the most up-to-date market research.

In 2004, Jotham set out to produce DVDs to assist emerging writers—in fact, all writers—in writing and publishing. So, Is It Done? Navigating the Revision Process is hosted by Janet Burroway and features writers like Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Olen Butler, Rosellen Brown, and quintessential Chicago author John McNally. Submit! The Unofficial All-Genre Multimedia Guide to Submitting Short Prose, guides you through each step of the submission process.

The creative writing classroom might be the last frontier for such technology. These DVDs are unique; the print materials on each disc should be used in tandem with the video program, and the video program can be used in tandem with any number of writing texts. But they’re equally useful for writer’s outside the classroom, turning your living room into a personalized writing classroom.

A writer can learn the basics of submitting prose in an afternoon, but it takes a lifetime of reading and writing and study to develop the writing craft. We should always be writing; we submit periodically.

The following sites provide information on writing markets, the industry & craft of writing and opportunities to support the writer.


This listing details web sites that have compiled indexes of fiction-friendly markets. Some are more specific than others, showcasing only paying markets or publications open to genre fiction. If you can’t get online, you can always check out current market listings in books like, The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses’ The Literary Magazine and Press Directory, or Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents at your local book store or library.

Absolute Write This listing includes only paying markets, although it is not exclusive to fiction and poetry. Many of the entries are trade magazines seeking articles.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Markets This index gives contact information for magazines open to the genre writing for children. Some of the magazines are trade magazines though most of these markets offer payment.

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses Highlighting many articles and resources for independent publishers, this site also showcases around twenty of the top journals publishing fiction and poetry. A more extensive listing is offered to those who become a member of the CLMP. You can also purchase its yearly directory of literary magazines and presses. It’s a great resource.

Dark Markets This site offers a market guide for writers of horror, listing anthologies, book publishers, contests, print mags and ezines.

DMOZ Open Directory Project One of the largest directories on the Web of just about anything, this site lists journals according to content, be it poetry, fiction, nonfiction or genre work, and also includes an alphabetical listing with brief descriptions of each publication. There is a separate section specific to young writers (high school and under) interested in publishing.

Literary Ezines Complete with detailed descriptions, this site has catalogued listings of ezines and literary journals.

Markets for Science Fiction/Fantasy This site lists print magazines, ezines, and book publishers of genre fiction.

Market List The most extensive site available to writers of genre fiction catalogues contests, anthologies, and publications. Additionally, it posts articles pertaining to genre fiction, provides author interviews, updates market news, and offers book reviews.

New Pages This just might be the only resource you need. The site has compiled every index in independent media you could ask for—from literary magazines and ezines to record labels—each with a small description. It also reviews ten or so magazines monthly. Check out the links section; it’ll keep you busy for weeks.

Publishers Marketplace Check out Publishers Lunch, a daily "dossier" of industry news. Good source for writers researching agents and publishers. They offer free industry emails, but the more filling option goes for a $20 monthly fee. Editorial consultant Marcela Landres swears by this site. Much more up-to-date than those thick Agent Market-type books.

Publishing Lab at Columbia College This site is maintained by students at Columbia College and hosts a vast amount of current research on magazines and presses.

Random House Lacking any sort of description, this alphabetical index of literary print journals offers the mailing address and the name of the current fiction editor for each publication. Most of the listings, however, do not have links to the publication’s home site.

Web Del Sol Though the listing of markets is not extensive, the literary journals highlighted by this site are the best of their kind. The site also includes articles, newsletters and forums. Ezines are also rated, saving the busy writer a lot of time. Creator Michael Neff also publishes five magazines.

Writers Weekly Listing only paying markets, this site provides a list of warnings about deadbeat publishers and publications, in addition to offering articles pertinent to those struggling to publish.

Industry and Craft

These web sites offer important market information, provide articles on various aspects of the publishing industry and writing, and allow you to become part of the writing community by joining groups and taking part in forum discussions. Our list is a cross-section of what’s out there. Be wary of any site that requires you to pay a fee to use its services. Most information should be free of charge.

Assn of Authors Reps This not-for-profit organization site is a great place to research literary agents and their reputations. An especially helpful FAQ section details the Author/Agent relationship. A great starting point for any writer’s search for representation.

Association of Writers & Writing Programs This site offers information on a large number of writing programs, details the events of the association’s annual contest and offers a considerable number of services to those who become members. These services include job and contest listings, and access to The Writer’s Chronicle, their bimonthly trade journal.

Authorlink The award-winning marketplace where editors and agents buy and sell unpublished and published properties and serious writers get exposure to publishing professionals. Plus news, databases, and other essential tools.

Bookslut Beginning as a humble weblog, this site offers honest reviews of newly released books that take design into account along with content. The author interviews featured on the site are more relaxed and extend beyond the typical tell-us-about-your-process Q & A.

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses In addition to listing prominent markets, this organization offers advice to those contemplating starting their own publication. They have information on jobs, editing, fundraising and book distribution.

The Complete Review Showcasing snippets of reviews on books old and new from popular print reviewing sources, this site allows the unsure reader to get a general consensus on a book before purchasing. Fiction, nonfiction and foreign language books are all rated with a letter grade that is derived from all the reviews in print.

eHarlequin Though this site seems more dedicated to the sale of romance fiction than to the writing of it, it does include interviews, articles and forum discussions for writers of this genre.

Everyone Who’s Anyone Gerard Jones formed this website after years of attempting to get published. Not only does the site include the contact information for over 3,000 agents, editors, and publishers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., but also, Jones has posted his rejection letters from these various sources. Check out this site for information and a light-hearted laugh.

Fiction Addiction On this site, writers can post their fiction for peer review, read articles on craft and publishing industry news, explore recent book reviews, search the publisher index or simply peruse the links section.

Identity Theory Acclaimed interviewer Robert Birnbaum hosts this site that focuses on, naturally, author interviews, but also publishes fiction and nonfiction. The site also has a Social Justice section that chronicles current events. They have links to great writing-related weblogs that are worth checking out.

Maud Newton A humorous literary news weblog, this site provides links to stories like the one headlined, “Phillip Roth believes discussion about his books has disappeared.” The information is sort of random, but definitely entertaining.

National Book Critics Circle is a nonprofit organization consisting of more than 600 active book reviewers who are interested in honoring quality writing and communicating with one another about common concerns.

National Writers Union This labor union site alerts career writers of all genres and forms of media to challenges facing them in the work force. It also lists job postings. More information is available to members than nonmembers.

Poe War This independent site features articles, information on writing-related careers, freelance leads, market indexes, book reviews and creative writing exercises.

Poets and Writers The online companion to the prominent trade magazine, this site features contest listings, job postings, calls for submissions and selected articles. More features are offered to those who subscribe to the print magazine.

Publishers Marketplace Check out Publishers Lunch, a daily "dossier" of industry news. Good source for writers researching agents and publishers. They offer free industry emails, but the more filling option goes for a $20 monthly fee. Editorial consultant Marcela Landres swears by this site. Much more up-to-date than those thick Agent Market-type books.

Quimbys Bookstore: Just a great indie bookstore. Helpful links to the indie bookstore and DIY community. They offer consignment to zine magazines looking for some distro.

The Review Lab: Online book review, interviews and essays on all things book-related.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America This site offers extensive articles on the rights of authors, information on agents, the publishing industry, the craft of writing and lists of suggested reading.

Sun Oasis Jobs Featuring articles on pursuing careers in writing, this site primarily compiles a database of jobs for writers, editors and copyeditors organized by region.

Words without Borders This site features international literature. All posted fiction is translated into English. Check out the Book Suitcase section where they offer great recommendations.

Writer’s Guild of America (western US) (eastern US) The guild’s website offers information on the craft of writing and on officially registering your work.

Writer’s Net The forum offers writing resources, news and discussion groups for writers, editors, publishers and agents.

The Writer’s Work Space This Chicago based organization provides quiet workspaces for writers to complete projects and work beside likeminded bibliophiles. Their website offers membership information for their Chicago studio space as well as resource links aimed at building a writing community.


Publishing? Networking? Going back to school? Creating? Retreating? If you are looking for a way to enhance and increase your knowledge of writing, there is a workshop/program/conference/residency/guru out there that can help. Here are a few we know of. The tip of the ice berg.

Alliance of Artist Communities Alliance of Artist Communities allows you to search through their database of over 250 members to find artists' communities, residency programs, individuals and other institutions that support living artists in the creation of new work.

Creative Writing Programs This site list all of the graduate and undergraduate creative writing programs in the United States and offers links to each of their web pages.

Funds for Writers Though somewhat haphazardly organized, this site allows writers to view grant opportunities, writing contests and lists of some lower-paying markets that are easier for the emerging writer to break into.

Journalism Jobs This site highlights a job each day, lists freelance work, internships, fellowships and awards, and catalogues articles geared toward writers actively pursuing work.

Poets and Writers Connection Join discussions about literary agents, conferences, and contests in the Speakeasy Message Forum. They list conferences, etc. in the back of each issue. Buy a copy at any newsstand.

Ragdale Foundation: Artist retreat located in Lake Forest, Illinois. (We can vouch for this one. Jotham put in a couple weeks on his first novel.)

Res Artis The International Association of Residential Art Centres, can help connect you to over 200 residencies in some 53 countries that span all seven continents. Click on "Members" to search their database.

Writers’ Conferences and Centers This exhaustive AWP directory lists the most reputable conferences, residencies, retreats, and festivals worldwide. It offers information and links on application procedures, scholarships, and program descriptions. More information for members.

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