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The success of each multimedia project depends on a team of creative and professional artists, videographers, graphic designers, and others who work closely with ERP producers. Once paid, they disappear into the ether only to return for the next project. Please feel free to hire them for your next production (unless, of course, we need them).

Mark Holzman
Cameraman Mark Holzman has worked with ERP for over ten years. His company National Video Documentors got its start shooting weddings, then car commercials, and now Mark and Co. will shoot anything, heck, he’ll shoot your dog if the price is right. Clients include fortune 500 Companies, and ERP.
Leonard Burrello
Forum on Education Director Dr. Leonard Burrello likes to dream big. His currency is ideas and his modus operandi is full speed ahead. He’s the executive producer of ERP’s educational training videos. We rely on Leonard to unroll the canvas so we can apply the paint. Leonard is also an accomplished collector of Titanic memorabilia and antique cut glass, primarily ponies from the American brilliant period.
Scott Carmichael
Video graphic provocateur and computer genius Scott Carmichael does ERP’s animation and DVD authoring. He’s the guy we call when our circuitry freezes. We have a direct line to his office. Remember that red phone Commissioner Gordon dialed to summon Batman? It’s like that. Only better.
Mollie Johanson
Graphic designer Mollie Johanson's dreams contain one million shades of color. For over four years she has patiently listened to Jotham’s ramblings, which she then translates into images to help brand ERP multimedia. She designs all of our advertisements, direct mailings and video boxes. God bless Mollie J.

Daniel Praser
Dan Prazer is a jack-of-all-trades for ERP. Part researcher, part editor, part copy editor, part—guy you call when you’re broken down on the highway and need help, quick. Everything we post, print or publish has Dan’s fingerprints on it. Read his blog and other writings at

Meghan Strell
Meghan Strell built this site for ERP! In the virtual world, she’s a freelance web designer building sites for arts organizations like Links Hall and corporate giants like Unilever. In the real world, she’s the artistic director of Local Infinities Visual Theater and a professional cheerleader with the circus punk marching band, Mucca Pazza.
Sharon Wright
Over eight years ago, graphic designer Sharron Wright had her initiation by fire sitting in an Indianapolis first grade classroom. We needed posters for a shoot. Needed them fast. Sharron delivered, and has ever since, producing our bi-annual catalog, when she’s not developing the Baby Love Care Book for Dragonfly Design.

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